Tuesday, February 26, 2008

IT cost Cutting as per the Bible of Gartner

"Gartner believes that as concerns increase for the near-term health of some of the world's largest economies, those responsible for IT budgets can expect to receive mandates from senior executives to cut IT costs as part of an enterprisewide cost-cutting program. It recommends that organizations begin establishing ground rules for complying with such a cost-cutting mandate by following a six-step plan" [ source ]

What are these 6 steps ?

  1. Don't Wait for the Cost-Cutting Mandate from Management
  2. Choose the Best and Brightest IT People for the Team
  3. Don't Allow Finger-Pointing or Second Guessing
  4. Report Results on a Weekly Basis
  5. Identify a Liaison from the Legal Department
  6. Enlist an Internal Auditor as Scorekeeper
My question is if Gartner is sending out such messages, this will certainly impact  the innovations space. Less thinkers and developer's make the Enterprise move behind the eight ball and leaves the market open to geolocations like Singapore, India and Russia. After all, IT has to perform and produce, they just do it by outsourcing now- at a lower cost. However, the consequences is the innovations is now driven externally !!

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