Monday, January 21, 2008

5PM application

Oh I get another app via  courtesy of Ian McKenzie from Messy Desk

5PM looks to be a good web enabled online app for the community. Small and medium size folio's should certainly look into this application. However, I don't see any baseline functionlity and I did not delve deep into the reporting function. I'll sign up and try the 14 dy trail. BTW, its completely SaaS'ified  and the mothership appears to be GQ software

Eh !!  10user/20 projects/250MB/ $24Month , what does this mean ? 20 projects per month  or year or what ? There needs to  more upfront details for the community. But it's worth taking time to see what it delivers for ($2.40 / user) :)-

The Interface is sleek and neat, I kinda already like the app, just because the UX appears great !!

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